Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Critical Literacy Websites


This article discusses the history of critical literacy and how to use it in the classroom. It talks about the theory behind critical literacy and how it can be used effectively in and out of the classroom. The site also shows how one can use critical literacy through methods other than books such as media and technology.


This site gives teachers lots of ideas of how to use critical literacy in their classrooms. Too many students read without analyzing the author’s message or point of view. Several activities are described to help stop this from happening as much in the classroom.


This website discusses important questions such as “What is critical literacy?” and “Why is critical literacy important?” It lays out why it is so important to teach students critical literacy and these reasons clearly show how learning critical literacy at an early age will help students later in their academic careers. It also gives some good example questions to ask students to help teach critical literacy.


This site talks about using technology to encourage critical literacy. This is a great way to use something other than books to promote deeper thinking about texts. This provides some innovative ways to engage students in the classroom and get them excited to learn about critical literacy.



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  2. Found another one...
    Its like video-conferencing a good ol' bed time story. The illustrations and text appear on both viewers' screens. Great book selection